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Israel to accept 100 refugees from Syria

Israel will accept refugees from Syria for the first time since the Syrian Civil War began in 2011, the Nanu10

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Relics of Fourth Century Saint Survive ISIS Attack

Christians returning home to the Syrian town of Al Qaryatayn have said that even though the Islamic State terror group

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800 Million Year Old Fossils Show First Evidence of Shell Making

Life on Earth got into the shell game more than 200 million years earlier than previously thought. Fossilized eukaryotes —

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Detailed revealed about upcoming ‘Star Trek Discovery’ series

New Star Trek: Discovery details have been revealed by series producer/showrunner Bryan Fuller (Hannibal, American Gods), who told Ain’t It

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‘Suicide Squad’ fans demand government shutdown website posting negative reviews

Suicide Squad has, as many fans will be aware, received some very negative reviews from critics, including one from The

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Military base issues ‘Pokemon Go’ warning

The “Pokemon Go” phenomenon, which has sparked controversy at sites such as the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, has prompted

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Camel tied up in the heat all day, severs owner’s head

Left in the heat with its legs tied all day, a camel attacked its owner and severed his head in

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‘Chewbacca Mom’ Viral Video Shatters Records

From NPR… On Thursday, Candace Payne livestreamed a video on Facebook. It was simple, short — a one-cut number that

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TEASER: Watch the First Five Minutes of Stallone’s ‘Creed’

From The steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum have become quite iconic thanks to the famous training montage from